Neutral and natural scheme create a calm environment, versatile, and easy to obtain. There is a wide selection of colors that can be used for your “hanging curtain”, ranging from beige to taupe, beige, gray and dark brown (fawn) until the color of coffee. White gives the impression of bright and fresh, creamy shades bring softness and warmth while shades of coffee and chocolate mixed with soft beige able to provide a classy appearance. To get a more dramatic effect, add a splash of dark brown and black; in shades of blue even being able to function as an accent in a natural style.

Neutral colors suitable for use in traditional and modern at the same arrangement. Choose a natural fabric like calico, muslin, burlap jute and coir (coconut fiber) to enhance the Natural Style Hanging Curtain and also provide a contrasting texture. This you can easily create a window decoration stylish with a simple hanging curtain of cloth. The end effect is modern and attracts attention.

  • A pair of short curtain rail grip, drill
  • Screw, Screwdriver
  • A pair of grip rails chrome curtain pole lengths of 2, 2.5 cm thick
  • Small chainsaw
  • Calico
  • Sewing machine or needle and cotton board
  • Patterned materials

1. Attach a short curtain rail grip on the wall on either side of the window frame about 5 cm from the top edge. Attach the rail grip length parallel to the upper side of the window and stand 5 cm short of grip rails. Cut to fit the chrome pole.

2. Make two pieces of calico material, the width of each about one-third the width of the chrome pole length. Add 4 cm for the hem. The length should be enough to reach the floor of the handle short curtain; add 18 cm for the hem.

3. Foldable 2 cm wide hem on the sides of calico, sewing, and ironing. Turn the hem and create a 1 cm wide at the top and bottom edges, then fold and sew hem 6 cm wide at the top of the material. Leave the sides open to make driveways pole. Create hem 10 cm wide at the bottom and sewing materials.

4. Make a hanging curtain of patterned fabric, each about as wide as the width of a quarter would long pole and with enough length to reach the floor of the upper pole. Create a hem like the calico material.

5. Foldable 0.5 cm, and 1.5 cm along the edge of the material and sewing. Fold 1 cm and 6 cm at the top and sewing to make a pole entry point, as above. Fold 1 cm and 10 cm at the bottom of a hanging curtain. Iron all the hem.

6. The last on how to make Natural Style Hanging Curtain, hanging calico curtains on short pole and curtains hanging down the length of the pole. Hang on a chrome pole grip rails.

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